† All repair costs are estimates only


At TREND Financial, we want to ensure you that have the best vehicle ownership experience possible!

Although vehicle ownership has its advantages, you can still experience unexpected maintenance expense(s).

To ensure peace-of-mind, you should consider purchasing a warranty that will cover the cost of unplanned major mechanical repairs.

If you choose to purchase any of the warranties below, you can either pay upfront or we can add it to the cost to your lease — so you can pay it off as you pay for the vehicle!




  • Engine: All internally lubricated parts including – engine block, cylinder heads, timing chains, crankshaft, main bearings, connecting rods & bearings, camshafts & bearings, push rods, pistons, piston rings & pins, intake, exhaust valves & springs, valve guides, lifters, and oil pump
  • Transmissions (Automatic and Standard): All internally lubri­cated parts including – torque converter, valve body, gear sets, main and intermediate shafts, synchronizer rings, shifter forks, bearings, and housing.
  • Auxiliary Transfer Case (AWD/4WD): All internally lubricated parts including gears, shifter forks, snap rings, bearings, and housing.
  • Differential / Auxiliary Differential: All internal parts including ring gear, pinion gear, side gears, and differential bearings.
  • Roadside Assistance / Towing: On roadside assistance, you will be reimbursed $50 per occurrence up to a total amount of $450 for the following events: towing, winching, battery boosting, emergency fuel delivery, flat tire, and locksmith service.
  • Seals and Gaskets: All seals and gaskets used to contain fluids within the engine, transmission, auxiliary transfer case, differential, and auxiliary differential.
  • Turbo / Supercharger: All internal parts including: housing, waste­gate controller, turbine wheel and innercooler.
  • Air Conditioning: Compressor, evaporator, accumulator, receiver, dryer, expansion valve, orifice tube, and clutch assembly.
  • Electrical System: Alternator, starter motor and solenoid, heater motors, wiper motors, washer pump motors, voltage regulator, electron­ic ignition module, distributor, and horn (also included water pump).
  • Front Suspension: Ball joints upper & lower, upper & lower control arms their shafts & bushings, steering knuckles, kingpins and bushings
  • Steering Systems: Rack & pinion, power steering pump & pulley, pitman arms, idler arms, centre link, steering knuckles, kingpins & bushings, hydraulic lines, fluid reservoir, cooler & lines.
  • Breaking Systems: Master cylinder, booster, front & rear calipers, wheel cylinders, brake linkages & cables, backing plates & return springs, proportioning valves, flex lines, hard lines and fittings.
  • Fuel Injection (Gasoline & Diesel): Fuel pumps, fuel injectors, pressure regulators, and fuel injector lines


Uninterrupted Protection for your Investment

Each year, more and more sophisticated technology is built into vehicles to improve their safety, performance, comfort and value. These same innovations increase the vehicle’s reliability. However, if something does go wrong, the necessary repairs are often complex and costly.

To protect your vehicle investment against these shocks to your financ­es, TREND offers a selection of extended warranty service packages that give you uninterrupted coverage for parts & labour for many years or thousands of Kilometres after the factory warranty expires.



  • Seals & Gaskets (Included in Silver and Gold)
  • Air Conditioning (Included in Gold)
  • Electrical Systems (Included in Gold)
  • Electronic High Tech Electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS), traction control system (TCS) including: electronic brake control module, exciter rings, pump motor/hydraulic unit, relays, accumulators, pressure modulator valve assembly, electronic temperature control module, electronic ignition computer control modules, fuel injection computer control modules, cruise control servo, transducer & cable, digital dash instrumentation including speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, oil, temperature, compass readout, thermometer readout and voltage displays; keyless entry system, door control module & lock actuators, power door lock actuator motor & switches, power window motors, power seat motors, power antenna, electronic trunk release actuator, exterior mirror motors, sunroof motor, convertible top motors, hidden headlight door motors & electronic automatic load leveling compressor motor
  • Car Rental You will be reimbursed for an automobile rental if a covered component fails. This reimbursement will be up to $40 per day to a maximum of $200
  • Zero Deductible
  • $5,000 Per Claim Liability (Silver and Gold Only)
  • TOP UP Powertrain Plus (includes all powertrain components listed)